Friday, March 31, 2006


I got to meet Olga in person. I've only communicated with her through the blogs and email. Jason and I met her for dinner and to plan out the strategy for tomorrow's race. She's running the American River 50-Miler in Sacramento and Jason and I have crew and pacer duty. Crewing is basically meeting your runner at the different aid stations, helping them with their food, nutrition, first aid, etc. Think pit stop crews in car racing. In this case Olga has a special drink mix that she likes to use, along with gels and such and at different aid stations along the race she'll hand off her empties and we'll replenish her with new ones. Pacing is when you run with your runner, the purpose is to keep their spirits up and keep them going mentally. It gets lonely out there and having another person to talk to/push you is a great help. If you have to choose one over the other having a pacer is more important than having a crew. Aid stations are filled with food, first aid and personnel but they won't run with you. I personally have never had both but I've always managed to make friends with other runners running my pace and we end up pacing each other. Already Jason and I have a script that Olga has suggested and we should stick to it even through lying teeth; "still looking cute", "whoa, you're looking good", "great legs",...well you get the idea.

So the plan is to leave SF by 3:30AM, get Olga to the start before 5:15AM. Jason and I will drive her car and meet her at the different designated points to give her support and nutritional items. At mile 27.5, the point where pacers are allowed, I will run 12.5 miles with her. At mile 40 I hand off to Jason and I will drive the car to the finish. This is going to be fun. I've been the runner, the aid station volunteer, the sweeper but never crew or pacer. Such simple dreams of mine. There will also be a bunch of friends out there doing the same, in all these roles. I look forward to touching base with them.

Well I just got back from a run myself so I better get going. It's already 9:30PM and there's still tons to take care of. If I can get 2 hours of sleep I'll be great shape. Gotta pack the cowbell.


  1. 2 hrs of sleep is plenty:)
    Great to meet you too...and thanks! Your explanations make me way serious, but I love seen friend's faces on the course - make me want to move from aid station to aid station.

  2. squirt1:55 PM

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  3. so glad you remembered the cow bell!