Saturday, March 25, 2006

Yeah Baby!

Damn, this is what I'm talking about, this is how it should be all the time! Woohooo! That was such a kickbutt run, how it should always be. Just like Track but 5 hours longer and with hills, wind, mud, puddles, and God's country. Woohoooo!!! Such a high right now, thank God!... Okay I'm filthy, muscles are hot and sore (need an ice bath), stinking mightily and I'm going off like a cheerleader in a pep rally. Be back in an hour when I've calmed down and do a proper post run wind down. In the meantime where's that cowbell? I would like a few rings for my day.

Nope no dice. It's almost two hours later and I'm still in my post run all natural high. Sitting in a tub filled with ice cold water usually kills any lingering excitement...not today. Still laughing out loud like a maniac and occasionally giggling like a schoolgirl...very unmacho image but an accurate picture. So I'll have to file the report another day, otherwise it will be an account filled with words like "woohoo", "yeah", "baby", "kickbutt" and "damn" - see first paragraph again.

Tommorrow perhaps.


  1. Yeah! Damn! Woohoo!
    Good choice of words:) Glad you're feeling like that, cheerleader!
    How in the world do you sit in an ice-tub though??

  2. glad you had such a great day!!!!! Snowing heavily in Tahoe so we went snowshoeing...kind of like running.....