Monday, March 27, 2006

Too Much of a Good Thing

I have a fresh shrink wrapped chunk of Ghirardelli chocolate in my possession, unopened since last Monday. Why? because I've had enough. It's good, I love it but I'm done for now.

This is how I feel about the rain. New storm coming in, dumping rain from San Francisco to Monterey in the South, then on to Southern California. I like rain, I love running in the rain but I've had my fill, talk about a lot. We are now two days shy of the record for most days of rain in March - today will make 21, the record is 23. Experts say that we so much water now that if we entered a drought for the next two years we would still be okay.

I can't wait for April and May, longer sunny days, filled with runs on trails and hills covered in spring time flowers and fresh new vegetation.

Soon, soon....


  1. Squirt1:10 PM

    And I KNOW you're also excited about April and May because my birthday is soon =P
    Anyways, it's kind of a shock to see that my chocoholic brother is done with chocolate and even the rain! DOUBLE WAMMY! What's going on?
    Well, talk to you soon tidal wave (chuckles).

  2. errr...didn't say done. Just had my fill. As in all things there's a limit.

  3. Can you cancel the rain for the next 5 days, please?

  4. Oh man that's right you are driving down then doing the race. Please drive safely.