Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Track Intervals

I got a request for specifics on the track intervals we did last night. So here goes.

2 x 400 with 45 sec rest in between
1 x 800 followed by a 1 x 400 recovery jog

3 x 300 with 45 sec rest in between
1 x 600 followed by a 1 x 400 recovery jog

4 x 200 with 30 seconds rest in between

Felt a little short but I guess when done right you should be looking forward to the end. Anything hurts when done fast enough right? My biggest problem was gauging the rate of effort I should be putting out. One runner said a 7 on a scale of 1-10, but it was clear to me that our group was just below max or at it. I tried to do it with heart rate but I was maxing that too. In the end I just relied on my own internal sensors. Baby just go as fast as you possibly can without blowing the rest of the workout. As fast a speed that will allow you to do more repetitions. People in the group were calling out times but most of it went over my head, all I wanted to know was what the next interval was and how much rest. So much fun, can't wait for the next one. It was invigorating running with and against other people and it psyched me up to see the other clubs out there doing the same.


  1. I tend to max out too...what is wrong for the purpose, but is fun:)

  2. Hello Olga,
    Hey are you still feeling burnt out. It might be the weather, at least the weather is burning me out. I mean I like rain but damn, there's so much of it. This winter weather is doesn't want to stop. Maybe there will be snow for Western States again! If so I'm bringing back-up pairs of shoes.

    Have you ever seen "Step Into Liquid"? It's a surfing documentary but the passion of the surfers will inspire your running. You recognize the same love for a sport in their eyes. I saw the day before a 50-mile race and it lit me up.

  3. Still there. You complain about the rain? Sheesh, come to PNW!!! No wonder Seattle is first rated in suicide!
    Never saw this movie. Don't mind for snow at WS, and don't think you need extra shoes - they dried out quickly last year.