Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Church Dessert Auction 2006

mmmm....For more pics, well just two more

Okay the last post was a little depressing so here's an uplifting one.
Our church retreat is coming up - April 24/26. This means two things, Easter Baptisms is near and the infamous Dessert Auction. Proceeds from this auction is used to help pay for Retreat costs for those who can't afford it. We never turn people away for lack of funds. Last year's auction was crazy and this was no different; basic and not so basic desserts going for hundreds of dollars. Extravagant yes, for a good cause -absolutely!

I've personally benefitted from this generosity. One year I was laid off and the community picked up the tab. Last year I took 4 kids to the retreat; 2 high school kids, one middle schooler and one grade schooler. I was only able to cover one of the high school kids but the church picked up the rest.

Anyway our table pooled our money and was able to raise $340. Enough for three desserts which surprised me. Usually in the early going of the auction dessert piece go for around $200-$300. As the auction goes on, each piece gets more elaborate and more expensive. The last piece went for $1200. Wife bakes cake with chocolate covered strawberries, Father in-law outbids everyone to buy said cake - this happened last year. This year it went so high because daughter in-law also had her mom there who was also bidding. At one point Father in-law ran out of money when the bidding hit $1100 but the church body started chipping in, $10 here, $20 there.

In the end we all won. Funds were raised ($3500+) and all desserts were shared. Dessert Auction is also Chili night where everyone involved can have themselves a nice vegetarian or regular chili meal before hitting the sugar, and of course drinks were served - from milk and juice to soda and water.

The youth I brought last year are coming back and one of them is bringing his two sisters. The funds will be there to accomodate them and more. Hahaha I may need to rent a Van this time and a whole lot of patience...we'll see.

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