Friday, March 17, 2006

Philip's 5th Birthday Party!

Isn't she adorable! Click here for more pics.

This is Philip's younger sister Sydney. Marie their mother is technically my aunt, so this makes the kids my cousins. I was in LA last weekend for a wedding. Every time I'm in town I stay with Phil and Marie in their Anaheim home. I enjoy spending time with their family and I'm always welcome in their household. I love playing with the kids and catching up with Marie. It just happened that this weekend was also little Philip's 5th birthday party. I'm always so amazed how kids can run me to the ground despite all my physical training. Damn kids.

Pics from the wedding coming up. You guys get to see me in a suit, which is a very, very rare occurence. In fact I left the house without a suit and was finally persuaded to change into one (in the car on the way to the wedding).

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