Friday, March 17, 2006

The Wedding

Partying at the wedding. Phil second from left is the groom. For more pics, click here.

And finally Phil's Wedding, not to be confused with my little cousin Philip or his dad Phil. The reason that got me flying down to LA last weekend. This guy I've known for 13 years now, we met at the dorms my first year in San Francisco. He and his wife have been together for 9 years but only decided to get married now. This is actually the second wedding. The first one was in Taiwan where they both reside now, Tanya the wife is from Taiwan. This second reception is for Phil's family, relatives and friends.

It was a good time despite the fact that it was a dry wedding for me, gave up alcohol for Lent. A bit painful but i survived. I'm amazed at how healthy he looks now - Phil. He was always skinny and hyper in College. Always drinking and always smoking pot somewhere. But now he looks good and he's got a good life back in Taiwan. Sober all night, I called it quits at 10PM. Getting old, getting old.

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