Friday, March 10, 2006


It's finally happened, snow and hail in the Bay Area as low as sea level. It's rare for our mountains to get snow let alone the low lying hills and the city itself. I've never experienced it in my 13 years in the city so I'm all for it. Supposedly it was snowing on the Bay Bridge. Craziness. I was out at the Golden Gate, no snow but very cold air, drizzle and thunder and lighting. I love thunder and lighting.

The plan was to leave at 4PM, go for a 3 hour run since I was out of town this weekend. Because of work I didn't actually leave until 5:30PM. Had to cut my run short because of the diminishing light, sun came down at my turnaround point at Baker Beach. That area, by the Golden Gate San Francisco side has some trails and fortunately I know them well. Traipsing around in the dark without a light isn't a good idea but it does teach you to pick up your feet. Yes Stephen, again I didn't bring a light. Steve's great he carries a light with him at night. Lovely run but I did get cold despite my body running hot from the running. My hands got very, very cold. Nevertheless I did a little sightseeing on the way home; took a little detour to Aquatic Park - Maritime Museum was lit up in blue because of some big event, cruised by Ghirardelli Square where I passed a whole flock of grade school kids, raced the cable car up Hyde Street Hill and I peeked inside the warmly lit restaurants at the top of Hyde Street. I love that area. All in all a little over 2 hours, a bit short on mileage but more than I expected for the fun and adventure, not to mention the weather.

Now I have to pack for LA, weather reports say it's cold down there too. Hopefully my flight doesn't get delayed because of the bad weather.


  1. Too bad you didn't get to RUN ON the snow. But it sounds like a good fun run. I never bring my light either - lazy:) No ID, no light, no telling anyone where I good. Habit.

  2. Hey...sorry I didn't answer the phone when you called me splash (get it? squirt...splash?? okay okay shut up).
    Well, I was watching a movie and I figured you could go a few more hours of not being able to talk to your cool sister and all =P
    Hope LA is doing good for ya. Be safe there.