Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A Speedy Curry Flavored Evening

I love, love track workouts. This was only my second week but I tell you, I'm smitten. Last night I went out for a "recovery" run. Just out to get the body moving again, no stress on speed or heart rate, just an easy run. I was also testing the knee, checking to see if there was any lingering pain or stiffness. My gut feeling was that it was minor enough that a short rest and some TLC would heal it - I ended up right. There was some tightness, a little soreness but very minor - two thumbs up. So tonight I headed out to the track, I figured that I can always stop if the pain came back. Start was shaky for me, as it always is. It takes my body a long time to find it's rhythm. I also choked down a Snickers bar 20 minutes before the start, I was hungry. Halfway through the workout my body shifted gears and just like that I was in rhythm. I love that feeling! Maybe there's some adrenaline in there too. Getting high on the track baby. I was out running with the same group from last week which I now know is the 7:15-7:30 group (minutes per mile). Again there was some of that friendly competition, trying to outdo each other. It was a good night to run fast, rest, then run fast again. I was so stoked that my knee gave me no problems.

Then it was off for some Indian Food. We went to a place called Naan and Curry in the Richmond district. I remember this place well. Last time I was here was last May, in the evening after the Miwok 100k. It took me 20 minutes to walk the 3 blocks between our car and the restaurant. Anyway we were all pretty hungry and we just went at it. Admittedly it's not the healthiest thing and if you're not used to the spices maybe it's not something you want to eat after a run, but boy it hit the spot for all of us. Amelia looked like she was going to fall asleep on the table.

Well it's off to the shower and there's half a sweet watermelon calling my name.


  1. Man, I am envious. I used to do track workouts with a group, and it WAS fun. Now, it's good, but so lonely!
    I don't think this year you'll need those 20 min, but make sure to show me the Indian place after Miwok, ok?

  2. So you are doing Miwok! Did you change your mind last minute? So you and your friend Gail at Miwok, that's great!

    Haha sure on the Indian Food.