Sunday, April 02, 2006

AR50 Quick Report

Jason relaxing, nice warm and comfortable while waiting
for Olga at the mile 19 aid station...

More details and photos to come but here's a brief rundown.

The Quickie
Left San Francisco on time, on the Bay Bridge by 3:30AM. I get a couple of hours of sleep, Jason doesn't even bother. Got to the start right at 5AM. Rain, Cold and Darkness - Depressing; I think to myself "Thank God you're not running this". No runners hanging out at the start, people are either lined up for the bathroom or getting ready in their cars. Rain stops before the start and 477 grateful runners, out of about 550 who were signed up, start the race promptly at 6AM. Crewing goes like clockwork except for missing her at one aid station (forgot to tell her we were going to get breakfast)...oh and there was the coffee incident at mile 27.5. Anywho, things generally went well and so did Olga's race. Started pacing her at Beal's Point aid station at mile 27.5. By mile 30 we leave the bike path and fire roads and into some real trails. These were the muddiest, wettest, nastiest trails I've been on and it wasn't even raining. Weather continued to improve but trails continue to deteriorate. Olga picks up the pace and continues to pass people. Real trail energizes her. Handed off to Jason at mile 40. I meet back with them at mile 48 and would run back with them to the finish. Olga got in under 9 hours with a 8:58:28 and was the 10th woman overall and 4th in her age group. We get some food, mingle, socialize and wash up. Late lunch at Denny's on the way out of Sacramento. More joking around and being mean to each other on the way home. Olga glowing from a day of hard running. Back in SF by 7PM. Showered, ate some more, watched horrible asian action flick, passed out by midnight.

It was super fun running on those trails. I would pick this weather over the one I had when I ran this same race two years ago, then it was hot and dusty. Love the ultra-running community, glad to see friends and enjoyed Olga's and Jason's company.

Before I go check this out. Jason and I get rave reviews for our crewing and pacing duties from our star runner herself. Read her quick pre-report here.


  1. Not just rave - it's underestimate! Besides the coffee accident:) No, really, you were like a clock, and very funny, what I appreciate the most! Thanks, boys!

  2. I knew you would use that photo against me...thanks for a super fun day! It flew by!