Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Something ARTeresting

Okay that wordplay was a stretch but basically there's a great artshow at 111 Minna. My San Francisco people, any of you want to check out the show. Seems cool. I'm thinking Friday evening.

111 Minna is an art gallery/bar. Back in my art school days it was a lot smaller and not easily seen from the street. You walk down Minna St., a non-descript alley, and you know you're there when you come upon the bright red double doors. The red was a direct contrast to the grayness of the alley and the entrance to a small cozy refuge. You drank your drinks amid the sculptures and hung artworks, live dj spinning records on the evenings. Ah back in the days when I was cool. Eventually they rented the space next door, expanding their space all the way to the street corner - more people and more artwork. Now I rarely venture down there and quite frankly I've stopped going to artshows and museums - but it's a new year and there's new work to see!

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