Thursday, March 23, 2006

People I Don't Run All the Time

Naw, I'm sane. I don't run all the time. People who don't run, i.e. most of my friends, think I'm always somewhere trotting about. Let's take tonight for example, I was in Spin class, I did run there and ahem yes...I did run back, but I only did it to save on bus fare which is $1.50, it was a "saving my money" issue. Really.

If Tuesday nights rock because of Track, Thursday's kick butt because of Spin. For you that are not familiar, Spin classes are organized indoor cycling classes. There's a coach/leader that runs the program usually in the company of some loud music. I'm in the 8:15PM Thursday night class, Gorilla Sports in the Marina district. We are in the gym's back room where it is dark, hot and humid despite the fans. There's a class before ours and they are always kind enough to leave us with their sweat, heat, warm bikes...did I mention sweat. It's not for the dainty. I love the darkness because it helps my focus and the music selection is always great. The class is lead by Michael McCormack, a two time Ironman Champion. Our very own older, wiser triathlete sage and still in great shape...still competing too I think.

Anyway I've been doing these classes since February and they are starting to whip me real good. When I started I used to run 5 to 7 miles afterward, lately it's been 1 to 2.5 miles. In fact the last two weeks I've been reduced to walking halfway home. Part of it is because I've learned to use my HRM (heart rate monitor) correctly and I'm pushing harder, upping the intensity. The other part is that I've been doing long runs in the weekend. But it's supposed to be hard right!? It's tough but I'm hitting my target heart rate zones and I feel good afterwards. Tonight was tough, tough, tough. Halfway through I lost it but then regained it in the end. The coach dictates not only what you have to do for every minute of the class but he also indicates where your heart rate should be. The higher the heart rate the tougher the interval.

It's definitely a new year for me. New training methods, new tools, new friends, new goals but also a renewed respect for the body and a reaffirmed desire to take better care of myself. I only have one ride, this body, I don't want to break it.


  1. My gym is getting renovated (expanded), so they cancelled spin classes for the next 6 weeks!!! I am bummed out, so I just run more, as I hate all the other machines. No, I can do Stairmaster, but need a good magazine to read or I'll go insane:)

  2. That's a bummer. No, no stairmaster for me.