Wednesday, March 08, 2006


I have to go to a wedding this weekend, in Los Angeles! Nothing kills training like an out of town trip. I'm gonna miss out on training Saturday, the Sunday (social) trail run, a very, very important Church service and town hall meeting and a music worship service at another church where friends are playing in the band. Yes I know I'm being selfish - Rick only wants to do what Rick likes, yea I know. Hey I'm still going to this wedding, let's remember that part.

Also as it turns out (I'm so blessed), it's my nephew's birthday, one of them precious neices and nephews. I have a lot, stress on a lot, of family in Southern California. His birthday party is on Saturday and the wedding is on Sunday. I called Marie (mom) about crashing at their home in Anaheim and I found out about the party. This is the second time this has happened. Last year I had a Half-Ironman race in San Diego, called to see if I could crash and it turned out they were celebrating his birthday that weekend too. Coincidence, I think not.

So on to LA. I hate LA - too much driving, everything is spread out. But I am excited about the wedding and seeing family and freinds. Hmmm...maybe the weather is better, I'll pack the running shoes.


  1. Rucky Chucky is cancelled:-( At least you only loose the fee and might even run it in June. I lost airfair...

  2. That bites all around, runners, volunteers, race director. Oh God, the race much stress.

  3. the poor race director!

  4. Jas, wanna run a 50k in June? They rescheduled for June 10 and they allow tranfers.