Saturday, March 04, 2006

Another One

Todd and I. Photographer: Chris Milliman.

I met Todd on the photoshoot. Now I see him every Thursday at spin class. Anyway this is another shot from the shoot.

It's noon on a Saturday, gearing up for what should be a nice long run. Skies are cloudy and we are suppose to get more rain. It's not raining right now but I'm sure it will start dumping while I'm out there. I really needed the sleep this time. The last two days have been a bit crazy at work. I got sucked in on a project with a very quick deadline. That project and all the other work I had on my plate got me working till the wee hours of the morning then up early to continue...felt a little bit like college there for a minute:) Oh well it's over now and I have time to play.


  1. The shoes are YELLOW!

  2. Only on one side but they are a bit too much.