Sunday, April 23, 2006


GGC Retreat 06_Hiking
Hiking on the Retreat.

Body tight and sluggish, legs feel like lead, stomach full of tasty yet bad for you Camp and Road trip food. That was a hard run. Tired, mentally and physically from a weekend of little sleep, running around, messing around, fooling around...hehe joking on that last part. Another great Retreat, bittersweet but...what's the right word...beautiful? wonderful? fullfiling? in it's own way. Kids were awesome, everything was great.

It wasn't all messing around and eating, I did manage to get some hiking in with a bit of running. I wussed out of paint ball though. After I got home today at 6PM I managed to talk myself out for a 9-mile run, I used the guilt tactic - reminded myself of all the non-nutritious food I indulged in...mmmm Smores!

Pictures and stories to come. As always the good times always seem to go by too quickly.

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  1. trails look very nice, love the hiking!