Friday, April 07, 2006

Flowers in the Field

Despite the rain my body knows it's Spring. The past couple of days I've noticed so many beautiful women. Is it really that simple? Does the change to the spring season really bring this about? Don't get me wrong, as a 30 something, single hetero guy I notice women all the time, it's just that they seem to be everywhere now. It's like running on a trail then looking up to see yourself surrounded in a field of flowers. Well maybe it's just because there has been a break in the weather the last couple of days, the first time in awhile that I've seen people sans their umbrellas, hats, hoods and coats...that's probably it.

But speaking of actual flowers, there will be much to see once the rain stops. I'm looking forward to the Miwok 100k the first week of May. If we get some sun before then, which we probably will, those hills will be covered with fresh new vegetation and flowers. While I'm not one to put flowers in my apartment I can appreciate running through a hillside covered with them. Last year at Miwok I caught up to a female runner who would stop every once in a while to pick a flower which she would then put behind her ear, she had to do this many times because eventually the motion of running would jar it loose. If we get sun before May, if race day is a sunny day, it will be a fine time "to smell the roses" while running my heart out...let's just hope my legs can keep up:)

That said the rain is back again and I will leave you all with this image, courtesy of my good friend J.P. Sulpizio. So true, so appropriate yet so funny. It's the real thing too, no photoshop tricks.

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  1. Aww, you are such a romantic!!

    And the phot, though great, was out of contest to your beautiful post...still funny!