Wednesday, April 26, 2006

EQ Swimwear

That's my baby - the logo not the girl!

That there is US Amateur Triathlete Kathy Winkler from Mill Valley California (woohoo local girl), she was the defending champion for her age group last year (35-39) at Ironman Hawaii. She's pretty awesome and I'm totally stoked to see a logo that I created in action.

EQ is a swim wear company in Oregon. I took on the job as a favor to my good friend Steve. Steve is a marketing consultant who feeds me tons of projects. I would say that 85% of my work if from his firm, so naturally when he asked I was more than willing. It has been a great experience working with EQ. First of all I love how the logo turned out. Second Ellen from EQ is great to work with, before we talk business she always inquires about my training and my upcoming races. A former swimming stand out, she competed in the Olympic trials. Aside from running her company and taking care of her family, she still keeps up with her swimming and teaches swim classes. Most of all I get to produce work for a sport, an industry that I'm involved in. I have no love for swimming but I love triathlon and some of my favorite people are swimmers. The website is next but that's still in progress. Promise to send a link soon as it launches, hopefully in the first week of May...keeping my fingers crossed.


  1. Too bad the girl isn't yours:) but the logo on her looks cute!

  2. Squirt =P7:30 PM

    whoa cool logo
    also glad to see something you created is getting some exposure =]

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