Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Work, Work and more Work

Truffle logo for Stephen and Amy. Color is not final.

Work's been a rollercoaster ride lately, really, really, busy, slow, busy, slow, hectic, crazy busy, slow. How it goes when you work for yourself. Hey it's kind of like running trail; grinding hill, another hill, fast breakneck speed downhill, so-so flat, back breaking uphill, scary fast technical downhill. Yeah I know it's exhausting being around me cause all I talk about is running. Believe I'm not like this in person...or am I?

Anyway back on the subject, work's been a rollercoaster. Maybe it's time to work for a firm again....maybe... I love my freedom. I like walking around in the clothes I slept in and taking hot showers at lunch. I love the flexibility of my schedule even though it sometimes requires me to work weekends. I love that I can turn work away, I love my work but it is no longer priority one in my life - used to be but not anymore. I remember those days...hopefully never again.

So this is one of my new logos. Color is not final yet. You know I should share more of my work here. Maybe just the ones I'm excited about.


  1. yeah, share more work!!!!

  2. looks good though..

    OMG! Winnie the Pooh mug!! I want it! XP

  3. Man I've had that Winnie the Pooh mug since my first year here in SF. A gift from a friend in Hawaii after I moved here....umm 13 years ago.

  4. squirt5:18 PM

    its been like a couple months or so maybe...well actually 4 months and now you are almost done?
    well...not bad...not bad.
    its better than what i can do i guess. lol nah but really not bad.