Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Gloriously Miserable Together

Weather at track was the same as it was all day, a bit of wind and lots of rain. It was miserable but fun in that we were there together. As they say "Misery Loves Company". We also inspired each other I think, we were impressed in each other's commitment to show up despite the weather. I for one was thankful for the company. So as much as I complained I also loved it. With the rain beating down our heads, the wind blowing at us and the puddles keeping our shoes soaked, it was a glorious wonderfully miserable experience.


  1. Send me a few folks for my friday's mile repeats, will ya? It'll be pouring here, and at 5 am pretty darm miserable...

  2. You see it's the 5AM thing, I just don't know anyone who gets up that early. So 5AM at the track means getting up at 4:30AM. You are a morning, morning, person.

    By the way I think you should just go home after Miwok, you're going to Russia so you need to rest and pack right?