Thursday, April 13, 2006

Dim Sum

My very own sketchy looking Dim Sum place.

Went to visit Jason at work today, had to borrow some of his bike tools. His office is on the edge of Chinatown so I decided to stop by the Chinatown Post Office on the way home. An experience that won't happen again any time soon because for some reason even the post office smelled and felt like an open market:) On the way home I passed by my favorite hole in the wall Dim Sum place. I rarely if ever eat Dim Sum but when I get the hankering for it I go here. It's kind of scary looking, it could be cleaner and frankly I don't know how it rates with all the other places because I haven't tried other places. But whatever, I was born in a third world country and I grew up in one of the provinces, believe me I've been in scarier places.

Nevertheless I had to keep walking by. No Siopao (Filipino for Meat Buns), Shu Mai's or other Chinese made snacks for me. I've been bad, bad, bad. Don't make me confess. My mouth can and will always outpace my legs. For those of you who want to workout to control your weight keep in mind that your appetite will increase as well. It's important to develop and maintain good eating habits, especially when you work out.


  1. squirt5:20 PM

    now you make me wanna eat dim sum
    i think the last time i ate some was in hawai'i's chinatown -_-
    today i was looking at a water ski catalog that dad gets regularly and i couldn't help but feel a little more than a tad homesick.
    ah well. i promise myself i'll go there as soon as i can pay for it.
    anyways, talk to you soon. and i added a comment on your previous entry.

  2. Squirt: I miss Honolulu too. But at least I was able to do a proper goodbye the last time I was there. A 20 mile run in a raging storm at the foot of Pali over looking Kailua and Kaneohe...the most beautiful run of my life. No run has ever been like that. Home is special.

    Hey I sent you some Hawaiian music by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole. I've was home sick 2 weeks ago and bought the CD. Happy Wallowing.