Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Poison Oak!!!

Both legs and both arms but much worse on the right side. I must have side swiped a bush of it avoiding puddles and mud. Nice. Got a couple of products to help with the healing but it will take a couple more days I think. It's a good thing it's still cool out cause I've been wearing pants and long sleeve shirts.

I use a product called Oral Ivy, it's a safe homeopathic remedy for both prevention and treatment. Last year I used it and didn't get a single case of poison oak. I started taking it a week before the Miwok 100k and continued taking it through the summer. This year I planned on following the same schedule so I wasn't prepared for the poison oak in AR50. When I ran it a couple of years ago I was fine, probably because I ran in the middle of the trails. This year we were all dodging and weaving the mud and puddles, undoubtedly brushing up against the poison oak growing on the side of the trails. By the time Miwok comes around (May 6) my body should be better prepared against this nasty crap. Meanwhile I've got to heal.

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  1. Me too!!! Welcome to the club:)