Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Sunny Track
Track in historic Kezar Stadium with my Golden Gate Triathlon Club peeps.

The first no rain, still light out track night that I've experienced! With the days getting longer, the time change and the coming of Spring, it was just a matter of time. I've been waiting to snap a few shots of Tuesday night track to share with you guys and tonight was the night. Lot's of peeps showed up, other groups were there too, everyone was pumped and all was relieved that there was no rain. It was just last week that a handful of us braved cool temperatures and drenching rain. My old YMCA Presidio Tri-Group was out there too, a pleasant surprise. It was nice to see old friends and share my workout with them. What a great night. I personally had an awesome workout, lately my workouts (runs and spin) have been amazing. Am I peaking? Maybe. With my first race three weeks away, now's a good time. I should really say "running event", I have a "runnig event" in three weeks. When I say "race" I sound like I'm a contender for a top three finish and I'm not. I do however have a very real chance of putting up a personal best time on the course this year. Oh and I would very much like to beat Brian Wyatt to the finish, he's gotten faster and he also has it in him to have a personal best at Miwok...but I digress once again.


  1. Nice weather! hey, you can pick to beat me, but that would be an easy goal (this year anyway) :)

  2. Crossed my mind but nah. That would be a great goal if I was also running Zane Grey the weekend before. By the way good luck. Have fun with that technical course, I'm sure you'll have fun cursing and moving along with the rest of the runners. I'll have to try that race one day.

  3. Thanks for the shoe advice, it looks simple...now if I only followed it:) But may be I should try at least with the next new pair? Right now it's useless - I don't remember what I wore yesterday!