Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Love Mondays

Side Story: When I was kid my family made fun of my legs. They said the reason I was dark and had muscular legs was because I was really a child of a primitive tribe of mountain folk. People who spent their days collecting firewood and living off the land. I was basically adopted, they took pity on me and wanted to give me a chance for a better life. Well that was all good and nice of you folks but now I would like to take this chance to thank my real parents. Thank you for your genetic gift and in honor of it I will endeavour to run mountains the rest of my life:)

So anyway, Mondays are my days off from working out. By the time Monday's come around I'm usually ready for some R&R, some comfort food and usually some grocery shopping. Yesterday was no different. My legs were especially stiff since I followed up my breakthrough workout on Saturday with another 6 miles of running on Sunday. I can't help it, I love running with the Sunday trail running group and these runs are usually followed by a great lunch. No Run, No Lunch. But yeah, calves, thighs, back, all stiff but a good pain...know what I mean...nothing's hurt.

I was especially lazy though, had to work Sunday afternoon all the way to 5AM Monday morning, deadlines, deadlines. I got a couple of rush projects on Friday afternoon. So I was pretty lethargic for most of the day yesterday, once I met the deadlines my body just let it all go. After a quick nap I rushed out at 7:30PM to do my weekly grocery shopping but instead of walking the 30 minutes there I caught the bus. I don't own a car so everything is public transportation or walking...do cabs counts as public transport? Anyway feeling guilty I walked back and complained all the way home about the hills and the weight of my backpack, "Good God another hill, don't these ever stop?!". Clearly the athlete in me couldn't be bothered. Jason thought this amusing, "shouldn't you have done this the other way? I mean, you want to walk there then catch the bus back with your heavy groceries". Yes Jason that makes perfect sense, had I been thinking properly I would have done just that. Got home, ate and crashed before 11PM, a couple of hours before my usual bedtime.

Anyway the rain is back and if it doesn't stop (it's been constant all morning and afternoon) it will be a cold wet night at track tonight. Time to lace up the shoes again. I must be well rested cause I don't care it's wet outside.


  1. squirt4:45 PM

    you and those dog slippers.

  2. Hey, Tribe kid!
    Heard the new date for Diablo? How far from SF?
    Next time order grocery online, I've heard some do that:)

  3. Mt. Diablo is very close. But woman are you insane? You are also doing Zane Gray the weekend before are you not. Wouldn't you just rather go and rip a fast time in Miwok without having to worry about the next day?

    Here's a better question. What would your coach say? hehehe. Anyway I'm tempted too. A 62-miler on Saturday and 50-miler on Sunday, how glorious!

  4. Squirt I wish I had dog slippers that looked like your dog.