Saturday, April 08, 2006

Ewww...Where Have You Been???

Marin Headlands, as seen from the San Francisco side of the bay.

Rick: "Who's the nice girl in the white t-shirt?, wait a minute
I know that face...."

Shannon: Hey Rick!

Rick: Hey how you doing?

Shannon: Where have you been, some crazy workout again?
(looks concerned)

Rick: errr... not crazy (rubbing salt off face, a futile attempt), just a 6-hour run.

Shannon: Six what? Where?(rolls eyes)

Rick: Marin Headlands.

Shannon: How do you feel?(looking a bit squeamish/disgusted
and yet concerned)

Rick: I feel amazing! I just did 3 hours at a good pace then 2.5
at a hard, LT pace.

Shannon: Really (disbelief), you ran hard and fast for 2.5 hours
and what's wrong with your arm?

Rick: Yes and it's poison oak from last week
(feeling subconscious, stop looking at me - I'm hideous)

Shannon: So how was it? (keeping her distance)

Rick: Great, great (noticed for the first time how smelly he really is)

Shannon: Don't you have problems with your legs,
your body breaking down.

Rick: Sometimes, not today though. (grinning)

Shannon: You know I don't run anymore...problems with
both hamstrings.

Rick: Huh..well...errr.(speechless)

Shannon: You know you're obsessed with this thing?

Rick: Yeah sure but I don't spend as much time in the bars and clubs
anymore. Just a re-appropriation of time.

Shannon: Yeah, yeah (rolls eyes once more), whatever gets you high.

More small talk...blah, blah, blah, church, blah, blah, mountain biking, blah, blah, blah...

Rick: Well okay I gotta go, I want to hit that shower as soon as possible.
(liar... there's still the stretches, ice bath, and washing down with dishwashing soap to wash out the poison oak)

Shannon: Well okay see you around. You scare me you know that.

Rick: I thought you were already scared?

Shannon: No you've taken it to another level.

Rick: Yeah okay, be like that. (shuffles the three blocks home, muscles stiff from stopping)


  1. Here goes yor potential blew it with you running girlfriend!
    :) Be like that!

  2. Well Olga, if she's not into a salt caked face with a little poison oak here and there, and 6-hour runs seem crazy to her, she's not gonna like me.

    I clean up well damit.

  3. Ahahaha, hey Mishi!

  4. I agree, RIck, if she thinks 6 hour runs are long what is she gonna say about 24 hour ones.....