Saturday, September 09, 2006


Muntik Na, means "Almost". As in I almost ate it on the TAG training group bike ride this morning. As planned I was out this morning to help out since they were low on volunteers. I was out riding nice and easy, nothing crazy. On the third loop, feeling bored, I gunned it on a straight away heading into a tight left turn. I came in fast tucked into my aerobars. As I was going in I realized I was going too fast, saw the gravel on the road and got out of aero position. As I braked, the back started sliding so I had to straighten out of the turn. Great so now I was sliding, still going fast and head for the curb. Got it under control and poured on the brakes again and this time the bike started fishtailing. I let go of the brake, bike straightened out, I hit the brakes again and the back starts sliding again. This time however as I regained control of the bike for the third time I was going slow enough to pull off a hard left to completely avoid the curb. There was some screaming in the background from one of the girls. Great, such an idiot.

It all happened so fast and I didn't think about it. My body went on auto and took of those things. I was scared but not overly so and soon as it was over i was fine. Road rash was a definite result had I crashed, at the least. Can you imagine swimming in the ocean with road rash! Wetsuit over the injury then sea water, lovely. That would have sucked. Idiot. Needless to say it was back to slow and easy for the rest of the ride this morning.

I'm ready. A full day today but I got most of my rest earlier this week. I'll probably go down for only a couple of hours before I wake up, routine. Looking forward for the peaceful ride to the race tomorrow. Tunes and coffee. Love it.

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