Thursday, September 07, 2006

Butterflies? Really?

Event logo from the race website.

Serena: So how do you feel about Big Kahuna on Sunday?

Rick: Unexcited. I could do it, I could not do it, I don't care. Not into it.

And that's how it's been this past two weeks. I have been so unexcited about the upcoming race. People ask me and I just shrug my shoulders. Yet, yet I've tapering, making plans to clean the bike, switching out to race tires tomorrow, and this morning thinking about the race - butterflies. Someone inside is lying. Can you sandbag to yourself? I guess only if you truly have multiple personalities:)

The nagging thought in my head is that I'm not prepared for this race. Which is crazy because the two triathlons I did last year, both half-ironmans and one of them this very race, I was not prepared. Ralph's Half on March last year I went in still on the heavy side of my weight with only a handful of swims and bike rides. Big Kahuna last year I did the race two weeks after the Cascade Crest 100-miler with legs still not fully recovered from the run. I think....just a theory for the moment, it's because I know what it's like to be properly trained for a race now. The first half of this year I enjoyed the best season of training and racing. I trained well and ran excellent races. I can tell the difference now from being really prepared and just sort of prepared.

Well screw it, I'm jumping off this cliff Sunday morning. Thank God I have some endurance, barring any injury or accident I should cross that finish line one way or another. Ahahahaha...thinking like an ultra-runner. Last year I caught 70+ people on the run section and smiled every time I did it, damn the fast swimmers and bikers. I did however get passed by 3 people, all women and in their mid-40's. One of them smiled at me on her way back from the turnaround, now that's Aloha.


  1. Oh, stop sandbagging, you're not hiding from us:) You've dome more than a share of bike rides and swims this time, and you have fresh fast legs with endurance lingering from WS training. I challenge you (wish I knew anything about tri times) to beat your last year's time by over 30 min (hope I am close at estimate).
    I think I feel pretty much similar for RDL. I am ready to stop or have a mediocore but safe run yet I have butterflies of anticipation and am getting excited.

  2. 30mins!!! you give me too much credit. Half-Ironman's are short events...relatively speaking, the margin of improvement is smaller. But I'll do my best. It's all training for pacing you at Rio 100.

  3. Oh..Thats right your Tri is the weekend. Have fun out there in Santa Cruz!

    Every time I feel unprepared for an event ( which is most of the time), I end up setting a new PR...

    Compared to your other accomplishments ,this sounds like a piece of cake.

  4. Don't use me as an excuse:) How about 5:30? Now - I have no idea what your last year's time was. So take it with a grain of sault.

  5. 5:30, now that's more like it. My last one was 5:38:)

  6. you are going to have a great matter what the outcome. Great people, athletic does not get any better than that! Good luck.


  7. Good luck at Big Kahuna. I did not know you were a triathlete as well. One of these years I will give it a try.

  8. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog. I've been looking yours over - dang, you and I have a lot in common. I'll definitely be back.

    Have a great time at Kahuna - we may very well be bunched together at some point.

  9. Thanks guys. Will have a great time out there. Santa Cruz is a great place to race.