Monday, September 11, 2006

Great Day to Suffer

Donald's word "sufferfest". Well it was that on the bike and especially on the run. To say that I wasn't sufficiently trained for this event is not entirely accurate. I had enough of everything to finish/complete the event however just not enough to set a PR. That was the gamble I was taking and sad to say I didn't make it well this time :) I studied for a quiz and opted to take the exam. The time to beat from last year was 5:35:48 and I came in at 5:49:54. I thought I had a good chance of beating last years time despite minimal training because last year's race came two weeks after a particularly difficult 100-mile ultra and my body wasn't fully recovered. Shucks, I was wrong.

Today is a particularly slow day, I'm hurtin:) Not only did I not PR but I finished a wreck. Walking on my toes and bending at the knee cause I can't bend my back too far. Cracks me up! You're super one day and a shuffling casualty the next. Well I gave it a good shot, paid for it yet came away, seemingly with no injuries and a finish. I survived yet another one!

Details and photos to follow. I thoroughly enjoyed the race, even on the run when my back was screaming at me to stop and my legs were laughing at me. Grimacing smiles all around. I thought it was an even better event than last years. The people were fantastic from the volunteers, spectators to the racers. The venue is awesome. Swim around the Santa Cruz Pier, Bike on Highway 1 along the coast and the Run on the cliffs by the sea with a little section of trail. Weather was perfect. No surprise if I was back for 2007.


  1. Aww, don't walk, lay back and enjoy your day!
    Sorry it didn't work out the way you wanted. Next time though.

  2. Sa'll good! I really enjoyed the entire experience. Knowing me I'll probably do it again somewhere down the line - not train enough and expect the best.

    Still having fun experimenting with my own limitations.

  3. Was this the Big Kahuna Tri?
    SO hard keeping up with you West Coasters, so many races to choose from!!

  4. Ouch...I didn't know you had a bad back.

    You were only 13-14 minutes off your PR . No biggie for such a tough event.

    You're an awesome athlete!

  5. Thanks for the feedback Rick.

    I know it's a contradiction in terms, "slow racewalker" , but thats my reality.
    Out of necessity I took racewalking lessons to learn more proficient walking technique. Because I have such a hard time breathing, I have to economize every step I take. I try not to waste any motion that doent propel me forward.

    I'm actually a very good racewalker. The only reason I don't do it competitively is the same reason I don't run... I have a condition called " Dynamic Hyperinflation" or "Breathstacking". My lungs don't deflate like a normal persons. As a result, my I can't handle a pace faster than 8-10min/mile for more than a few seconds or 100 yards at a time. After that I have to slow down to let my lungs deflate and to catch my breath. If I try to go beyond those boundries, I risk a full blown respiratory arrest. ( which has already happened once while I was racewalking on the Al Zampa bridge.)
    The average 5K racewalker walks at about a 6-8 pace. See my problem?

    As long as I keep my pace between 12-16 and Im breathing OK on that day, I can walk for hours, and thats why I go for distance instead of speed.
    The good news, is that sometimes I can inject short bursts of racewalking during walking events which helps with my finish times. I did this at the SF Marathon (1/2) and shaved 20 minutes off from the previous year.
    Hey...It's better than nothing..

    Probably more than you wanted to hear..

  6. Steve the fact that you're out there despite your condition is what makes it great.

    In my current TAG triathlon training group we have a guy who has diabetes. Last Sunday he was having some issues with his sugar and was reduced to a slow walk on the run, aftewards I talked to him and I got to learn a lot about it. It's great seeing you guys get out there despite the things that would hold you back. Meanwhile there is a ton of folks with perfectly healthy bodies content to spend more time in their couches.

  7. Regardless of all the ouches, am proud of you. Never thought you'd be a great athlete....must be from moi huh.....

  8. Sorry to hear things did not turn out as planned. Hopefully next year you can lower that PR.