Saturday, September 16, 2006

Indian Summer

I don't remember the last time we didn't have an Indian Summer in San Francisco, seems like we have it every year. This year I started to have my doubts, last weekend we were socked in and I was glad to be in Santa Cruz. Monday it was nice but it went back to the heavy fog mid-week with weather reports stating that we could drop by as much as 30 degrees by the weekend. I left the house today for a workout with the TAG tri group all dressed in layers and thankfully I didn't need them. It's stinkin' warm out there, blue skies and tons of people about. Some canoe race in Crissy Field and an Alcatraz swim at Aquatic Park.

So triathlon training is pretty much done for the year, except for all this volunteer stuff I'm going with the TAG triathlon group. Today I got a preview of some the kids who will be kicking my butt next year. Pretty much all of them are newbs but you can already see the fast folks. More power to them.

Easy day today, been an easy week. Monday is the official start of my training for the Quad Dipsea, the last A race in my calendar. Difficult to get motivated but I think I can do it. This is my favorite race. The past week has been slow, physically and mentally:) but no injuries and the body seems to be rebounding fine. Went for a 9-mile run last night and it felt good. Slower than usual but great. Doing a 6-hour run tomorrow to assess my running fitness for ultra. It just so happens that J.P. and Janet are also out running trails tomorrow, preparing for the New York Marathon. Meeting them at the Pantoll Ranger station at Mt. Tam. It's perfect! Pantoll is a 4 hour trek from my place and I finish my last two hours with them. On top of that they'll give me a ride home. Sweet!

I hope it's like this tomorrow, which reminds me, gotta pack those salt tablets.

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  1. I just said pretty much the same about the weather - where in the world is Indian summer and why did we go into cold without intermediate temps?