Friday, September 01, 2006

How Stubborn Is Olga?

Olga Varlamova.

This is awesome. I'm worried and amused at the same time. My friend and occasional mentor Olga V. has decided, despite being still injured, undertrained and out of her usual shape, to run the Rio del Lago 100-miler on September 22nd. In her own word's from her blog:

"I sent my application in today for RDL100. I am injured, untrained and unfit. I am not motivated to fight but curious if I have enough stubbornness to finish. And if I DNF I promise to have a smile on my face."

A grand experiment! She is going to test just how stubborn she is, I can't wait. A part of me wants to jump right off that cliff with her. I'm getting that fear/excitement feeling in me - great things have happened with those feelings. But this isn't about me, this is about Olga and I volunteered to be her pacer. She mentioned DNF but I'm sure it's the last thing on her mind.


  1. As stubborn as she is stupid?
    And where did you get this picture from?
    Got your email, thanks! I am away on vacation, will respond next week.
    Taper for you, honey, taper!

  2. It's a pic of you and me at the WS pre-race meeting. You've seen it before, I just zeroed in on you.