Thursday, September 28, 2006

Little Red Riding Boots

Future Pacer/Crew...maybe

Kind of random I know. My cousin Rose's kid. Makes me want to fly home for a visit. Too bad I don't have relatives here in San Francisco. I'd put them to work. This year I utilized pacers and crew for the first time and I loved it. There are ultrarunners out there who feel you shouldn't have them. Some valid points on that camp but I personally do these events for fun and if having pacers and crew makes it more fun I'm all for it. But I digress...


  1. relatives in SF...try none in a whole country...but you know.

  2. Yeah but you have a lof of fans Olga:)

  3. And I love every one of them! Including some who keep shoving gels in my face and threaten me with a pair of green eyes in bushes:)
    Aw, I am missing trails already!