Monday, September 04, 2006


CoachPedro and I
Coach Pedro and I.

It's funny how I avoided swimming all year and now I totally enjoy it. The difference is the absence of the pool. I'll never be a great swimmer because of that, lap workouts definitely make you faster and more efficient. But at the same time the pool kills all my enjoyment for swimming, maybe I just need to find the right Master's group. We'll see.

Anyway Sunday I was out there again. So hard to get up on Sunday mornings, to leave the warmth of my bed for the cold of the bay - very difficult. I leave nevertheless knowing that I'll love it the water once I'm in. This past Sunday was no different, such a nice swim with folks from my tri-club. It was so calm yesterday, no currents and no chop. Quite different from Thursday night.

Last Thursdays swim was the best yet this year for me. It reminded me of a good trail run. This workout was with Coach Pedro's group. Coach Pedro welcomes everyone, clubs, no clubs, whatever. There was an ebb (water in the bay emptying out, current going towards the bridge) but the wind was blowing strong from the opposite direction. The two moving against each other created choppy conditions on the surface and small swells outside the protective wall of the cove. As we were heading out it got choppier and choppier. I swallowed a few mouthfuls of sea water before realizing I had to adjust my form. My mouth wasn't always clearing the chop and I was sucking in water. I had to pick up my head a bit and turn my head more. Then there was a stretch where we had to swim against the ebb. Just like an uphill, slow going and hard. I just kept my head down kept grinding it out. All I could think about was how good it was going to feel when we rounded the corner and we could swim "downhill" on the way back. The swim back was indeed faster swimming with the current but this time we were outside the protective wall. The current was carrying us right into the wind driven swells:) It was sweet. Imagine crawling over barrels, up and down, up and down. An added perk was the view of Alcatraz, everytime I breathed on my right side there she was. A good swim. The days are getting shorter, maybe another month of these evening swims before they close it down for the year.


  1. I can't even picture myself in an open bay swim! The waves! Ouch! No tri for me, but I love reading about it and watching the Ironman finish:)

  2. Gosh Rick, is there anything you can't do?

    I walk through Aquatic Park at least once a week . Maybe I'll run into you over there sometime .

    Nice Pic too!

  3. It's a good break from all the running! It's running for your arms.

    By the way Steve, been trying to leave comments on your blog but I keep getting an error message. What I was going to say was that I agree with Phil. 1 E-Cap an hour is not enough, it only has 40mg of sodium. I use S-Caps (Succeed Tablets) they contain 341mg of sodium and I take them every 1 - 1 1/2 hours depending on conditions. I'd experiment with taking more E-caps (say 3 an hour) and see if that helps with the cramping.

  4. Yeah, Its apparently a system wide problem with the comments thing, that's why I signed in as " other".

    Thanks for tip! These darn cramps have really got frustrated. Im sure you've experienced a few. They're awful.

    Actually , I take Salt Stick caps. They were recommended to me by the Zommbie people. I see now looking at the label, that they have 215 mg sodium per cap. I'll take your advice and start downing 2 per hour. Because I really don't run ( but I walk very fast), I wasnt sure how they would effect me.