Friday, September 29, 2006

Simply Amazing

Just got back from my usual 9+ route. Posting yet another slow time, so'kay, had great track workouts during the week which slowed me down tonight. Anyway the ultra email list community has been following the progress of Scott Jurek at Sparthalon. An ultra marathon from Athens to Sparta for a total of 246km....that's what 153.75 miles. Scott wins it with a time of 22:42:18. He's only the second person to break 23 hours and the first American to win the race. Just plain awesome.

Website link here.

Scott is also the 7 time champion and course record holder of Western States 100 and the reigning 2 time champion and course record holder for Badwater. In 2005 he amazed a lot folks by winning his last Western States and 2 weeks later setting the record for Badwater.

Guy is just amazing. An inspiration. Nice guy too, humble and easy going.


  1. Yeah, I was amazed to check my e-mail when I got home and have 100+ e-mails from the list and many more tonight following the progress. However, I have enjoyed it and am simply amazed by Jurek's abilities and he truly is a nice guy as well.

  2. Jerker IS the best! I was on pins and needles all day yesterday, and so happy, kinda more than ever was for myself. He so deserves it! When you learn of times for these athletes, you wonder how. When you talk to them and their crew/pacers, it turns out they are quite normal:) They go throuhg the same pain, doubts, puking, holding hand and getting kicked back on the course. The mental focus must be amazing to hold that kind of pressure.