Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Images from Sunday

Mt.Tam 9.17
On our way to Bolinas Ridge.

I almost forgot, took some pictures on Sunday's run. You know me and pictures. You can view them here.


  1. You know you make me want to come back for Miwok, and it's not on budget for next year!

  2. You know that's part of my mission with these images...I mean besides sharing with my family all these great places, my other goal is to get you out of towners to come/come back and race here:)

    Yeah Miwok is out for next year as well. It's my 2nd favorite race but after racing it for 3 years consecutively it's time for me to move on. The tentative plan for next year is to race the Wildflower Triathlon which is always on the same weekend and to race the Quicksilver 50-miler in San Jose the following weekend. Both event's I've wanted to do but haven't because of Miwok.

  3. I hate it when comments don't go through...
    I am thinking Quicksilver too (or Bishop). Bishop is a long drive from the nearest airport, so it could be Quicksilver for convenience, although my friend will kill me if I don't come to his home race.

  4. Wow! Those pictures are beautiful. What great trails and scenery. I definitely have Miwok on my wish list for the future.