Friday, September 08, 2006


Just dealt my taper a blow. Had so much work to, work. Luckily I slept well this whole week and if I get a goodnight's rest tonight I will be great. Despite the lack of sleep and all the rush today I couldn't help being excited about the race. I'm pumped now. If I feel this way come race day it will be a good day. But between now and then there's life...ya'll know how that goes. TAG Triathlon group is desperate for volunteers so I volunteered to workout with them tomorrow, real easy of course and just to provide support. Then the Ironman Canada gang is having a reunion I was invited cause I was a "supporter". Sweet, do I get a shirt? After that is the drive to Santa Cruz to pick up my number then back to the city to have dinner with friends visiting from Germany. Somewhere in there is someone's birthday party, or was it more than one person? Hmmm...forgot. Then more work, I have to put in hours this weekend, if not before then after the race. Sweet, bring it all on!

I'm especially happy tonight because I got a decent rental for the weekend for a change. For those of you that don't know, I don't own a car and just rent when I needed. Anyway my last rental was a minivan, all they had left at the time and I felt like a dad in it. Before that I had a small red under powered Ford Focus, felt like a teenage girl in it. But this time, this time I got a nice zippy compact. Oh I know, rent mid-size and above and you'll get a decent car anyway, it's more fun and cheaper this way. Race day is Sunday morning. Looking forward to the nice drive to the start with a good cup of Joe and great tunes. From my place it's about a 1.5 hour drive with no traffic. If a race is within 2.5 hours driving from my place I drive to the start. You see I don't sleep much the night of a race and I much prefer to toss and turn in my own bed.

Anyway it's time for a non-sport topic. All this sport talk is getting me too excited.

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  1. Why did I think it was today? I was thinking of you all morning for nothing!
    Have fun tomorrow, stop reading it, go lay in bed even of not sleeping.