Monday, September 18, 2006

Trails for Breakfast

2 hours into the run, with the sun rising behind my back in the Marin Headlands.

Whoa is that me? Why I look like one em ultra running geeks; headgear, bandana, straps flailing about. I admit ultra running folk have a certain look influenced by the type of gear we like to carry, I guess no different from the other activities people get into. I was surprised by my own shadow, it's been awhile since I went out for a long run. It turned out to be a great day, by 7AM the sun was already up, there was no fog, warm and barely any wind. I could have used some breeze up in the exposed areas of the hills but overall no complaints.

The run went well. A little slow, a little rusty; stubbed my toe a couple of times on the rocks, slipped once but never fell. The endurance is there, I could finish a 50k or a 50-miler from here. A good base to start from, I can start layering in fartleks, tempo runs, long hill repeats along with the long runs. I should be in good shape come the Quad Dipsea if I follow through the training plan. Just tough to get motivated at this time of the year for me.

Football season is on. I need Tivo.


  1. Looks like someone horse back riding on the moon .
    Very cool though.

    50k or 50 miles? Thats so awesome!

  2. Squirt7:36 PM

    Cool pic.
    Just here to check up on things.
    Keep in mind that this Thursday is Jill's bday and Wednesday is our asian-brother-that-you-disowned's birthday.
    Anyway, I've been in the process of signing up for colleges, particularly University of Florida and I'm working on my personal essay, but some time this week I will officially complete my application online and it will be the first application I have ever submitted .:.sweat starts to form.:. haha.
    Well, talk to you later.
    Hope things are going good.

  3. Hard to get motivated in fall season. I always get jealous for people who finish racing by September. Getting too much dark also.
    We pick our own battles, don't we?

  4. 50k or 50 miles. One just taken slower than the other.

    Yup we pick our own battles, but we love fighting with ourselves. Always pushing here and there and testing this and that. Looking forward to seeing you test yourself in a whole new way this Saturday to Sunday. You crazy woman you.

    Ah Squirt. Have fun with that, only comes once. Birthdays Smirthdays. I can't keep track.

  5. Morning runs. How great!!!!

  6. If you can tell the type of runner by his shadow, it must be a pretty distinctive shape. Good luck with the ultra.