Saturday, July 08, 2006

What's With Your Feet?

Resize of Re-exposure of PI Trip 2006 023
Toes still messed up.

Well the problems from the blisters have finally subsided. For awhile there it came and went. One day it would fine then another day it wouldn't be. Surely had I stopped working out completely the week after WS it would have healed faster but I was all agro about the race and wanted to get it out. Besides I knew I was going to go on vacation anyway. Day after WS I squeezed them into a pair of cycling shoes and rode for 3 hours, went to track on Tuesday and was at Spin class on Thursday. Muscles were fine but the feet were very unhappy. Bottoms of the feet are good now and the old blisters are peeling but the toes, the toes are still so messed up!

Since the race my Keen sandals have been my favorite piece of footwear, the toe bumper effectively hides my toes. However I've decided to ditch them for some new flip flops - looks be damned. This weather is made for slippers. As one of my good friends would say, "stop worrying about what other people would think". My cousin Ann came with me and I think she was grossed out. "How did your feet get like that!?" she asked. "From long distance running Ann, you know for running a long,long time like a whole day", I answered. I don't think she got it. Who runs for a whole day?:)

Well I've never had such messed up feet. After this photo was taken I did some "cleaning up". I attended to the old peeling blisters and pulled out 4 more toe nails. Gross I know, not for you athletes though huh - you know how it goes. No pain involved, they were ready to go. As they say, kiss your toenails goodbye if you plan on doing ultras. Needless to say I'll have to rethink my foot protection strategy, maybe give my feet a little more respect while I'm at it.


  1. You know, your feet look much better than mine:)
    And no, I am still not near a computer, just snuck inot another hotel and stole a few minutes, so won't read your respond.
    Enjoy vacation! I am!

  2. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Ugh, I hear you dude. I hate my toes too, and I don't even do ultras. I want to be where it's warm.. and I'm not wearing running clothes.. or bike shorts. Lucky!


  3. Wow, you've got pretty feet for an ultra runner! Not bad at all!

  4. So my feet are not that bad huh. Nice only you guys would understand:)

    Awww Spamsi, it's not all R&R, I'm working out too. Miss running with you and the usual crew at track.

  5. wow, how many toe nails did you lose? You are one tough cookie! mmmmm, cookie.