Wednesday, July 26, 2006


The good times always go by so fast...but it's nice to be home, in the cooler weather, in my own setup. Got in yesterday after lunch running on nothing but fumes. I was determined however to stay up and hit the hay at a normal time so I was quite productive considering. I hit the grocery store, actually started unpacking and after some deliberation attended Tuesday track. Oooff! It was slow and hard but it went better than expected and I was able to get an accurate gauge on how much I lost. During the workout I was waiting for my higher "gears" to come on and they never came but managed a decent effort anyway. It was a bit like driving an under powered 4-cylinder compact up to Tahoe. It was good to get started. I'm back!


  1. Just curious, do you do marathons or just ultras?

    BTW Welcome Home. You just missed the heatwave we had for the past 2 weeks.

  2. I heard. Some crazy temperatures. Glad I missed it though cause I was ready for some Bay Area cool weather.

    I've done marathons, haven't done one in awhile though. I prefer the trail. Last one I did was in 2004 - Big Sur Marathon. Not unless you count the marathon section of my one and only Ironman later that year in Florida.