Thursday, July 27, 2006

Rolling Along

Went to spin class with Serena tonight. My last spin class was 5 weeks ago and it was a recovery spin from WS100, the week before that it was a taper spin for WS100. Tonight I had no such restrictions. Once I got going on the bike I hammered as hard as I possible could. I put out of my mind the negatives; the fact that I'm not who I was 7 weeks ago, that I'm 3 pounds heavier, that my nutrition has been poor, that I'm still fighting jet lag, that I'm slightly out of shape, etc, etc, etc. I focused on what I had going; enthusiasm to get going again, a well rested body and the company of good friends. Not sure where I picked up that practice but the mental exercise has done wonders for me. I felt so good! I hit all the HRM goals. At the end of class while waiting for Serena I felt dizzy for a bit and my hands were trembling a little. That actually made me very happy:) And nothing a shot of GU and water didn't cure. Slowly but surely the body is waking up from vacation. Wakey Wakey. I've got a nice long run planned once everything's up and humming nicely.

Unfortunately this is the last Thursday night spin for awhile. Coach Michael McCormack is looking for a new space to hold his spin classes. I hope it won't be for long. Like Track, I've avoided spin thinking I would be totally bored, now it's become a staple of my training. Keeping my fingers crossed for Coach M2.

Tomorrow is a short bike and run with Serena, she's tapering for Vineman Half-Ironman this Sunday. Saturday will be a long ride and I might either run or swim aferwards. Swim, gotta fit it in somewhere. Time to unpack the wetsuit. Maybe there's a club ride I can join on Saturday morning, we'll see. I'm also eager for a long slow solo effort.


  1. -spamsi11:01 PM

    Welcome back! You looked awake in class today. We're riding on Saturday, not sure where yet. But let me know if you're interested in coming along!

  2. In. And if I end up wanting longer I can always keep riding after your ride. Thanks for the invite.