Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Wednesday Track

Nice, got to sneak in a workout between showers. Storm has definitely moved from our area. The bad part is that it's headed to the capitol. Classes and flights have been cancelled for tomorrow. I would hate to be there right now.

Anyway got tonight's team track workout while I was in the internet cafe.

3 x 800s
3 x 600s

Same RPE for all. Good even pace, feel like you could do 1-2 more reps. Short workout, ran 2 miles for my warmup but felt like quitting from the first rep. Stomach was feeling funky and the humidity was getting to me. Oh an update on my stomach issues, after 4 days of taking over the counter stuff I went to see the family doctor who prescribed some anti-biotics. Feeling much better now but today it felt funky when I ran. Workout felt better towards the end but I was glad to be done.

Going to a beach resort first thing tomorrow morning. Looking forward to getting some open water swimming done, maybe a few beach runs. All this while hanging out and having fun of course.

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