Friday, July 21, 2006

The Last Few Days

My body has finally acclimated to the weather, too bad it's almost time to leave. On my last run workout I ran around the track and incorporated some work on the bleachers. I didn't sweat much and I didn't need to drink beyond the 15 or so ounces I took in before the run. I also felt very good in the end, like I could keep going for a lot longer. The body's amazing. I have to say after 2 weeks of short workouts, eating and resting my body is pretty darn happy. Feet, left hamstring and ITB soreness issues are gone. When I get back to San Francisco I will have a well rested, albeit slightly heavier and out of shape body to work with. I'll have a little over a month to cram for the Big Kahuna Half-Ironman on Sept.10th in Santa Cruz. I'm fine on the bike. I'll be happy on the run, it's the re-integration of swim workouts that I'm not looking forward too. I swim like a dog, steady yet slow. I'd also like to get in on a few 50k races, get my trail legs back.

In San Francisco our summer weather is yet to come and I'm looking forward to it. I'll spend August and September getting back in tip top shape and run a few good races in the fall. I'm especially looking forward to running the Quad Dipsea again this year. Last year I blew up on the course, I entered knowing I was already over trained, finished a good 45 minutes behind my best time. That's my main goal for the rest of the year, a good Quad race to close the year out!

Si I'm back in Manila now, I always spend a few days here before heading back to the US. I have three cousins here who I think the world of and I can't leave without spending time with them. I also like Manila, lots of things to do and experience. Got in yesterday at 8AM and it's been non-stop until 5:30AM this morning. Nothing crazy just a full schedule. Bouncing back and forth between groups and events: got to spend some quality time with my dad (the biological one), went on a blind date (more on that later), got together with the gang who went to Boracay to look at pictures and re-live the fun moments from the trip and finally I celebrated with my cousin Bing who finished her final presentation for her Master's degree in business. The latter was what kept me up till the wee hours in the morning. Thank God for my involvement in endurance sports, at least I had the stamina to keep up with the young-uns. At 34 I'm not that old, but old enough to feel old in a club full of 20 somethings. But it wasn't about me, besides I thought to myself, if I could run through the night I could certainly suck it up and hangout.

Finally got some rest, more food and the use of a computer. Things are good.

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  1. -spamsi6:35 AM

    You're 34?! You sure fooled me =) Enjoy your last days in the PI! The summer in SF has already started, early too. But I'm sure you'll feel cool as a cucumber when you get here.