Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Got Away!

Finally some time to myself. By the time I was all showered and ready to go everyone had taken off. So I saw my chance to take off on my own. I have no idea how to get around my own hometown but there are cabs everywhere and they're cheap. I enjoy exploring by myself, I can go at my own pace and do my own thing. I haven't been alone since I left San Francisco.

At an internet cafe now, just checking emails and dropping a quick note. Nice to be back on DSL! Besides the storm knocked out power at the farmhouse. A storm has or is still passing through the archipelago. Dumped a lot of rain the last two days. Yesterday I rallied the troops to hit the track despite the downpour, unfortunately the track was closed by the time we got there. So we ended up back at the house snacking on boiled peanuts and Balut. I won't tell you what the later is, you can look it up if you're curious enough. I can tell you that it goes down better with a cold beer. Well, I'll try again today now that clear skies have returned. I hope for good since we are leaving for a beach resort for 4 days early tomorrow morning.

Just in case I don't manage to get back online before I leave I would like to wish those who are doing Donner Tri a good race. I know Serena's going to be there and probably several Golden Gater's - Go Red and Black! I'd also like to wish Brian Wyatt a good race, Vermont 100-Mile Ultra is this weekend. Go Brian Go!

Well it's off to a coffee shop for me. It's lunchtime and I need a good cup of joe.


  1. -spamsi10:12 PM

    Baluuuuut, I know. =)

  2. Thanks...I had to look it up..but I did find this. "Balut and penoy are traditionally considered aphrodisiacs."


    1.Take a freshly boiled balut in one hand. 2.Make sure you have the "flat" bottom of the balut facing you and tap it lightly on any hard surface until you see hairline crack form on its surface. 3.Remove bits of shell until you have a cavity the size of a penny. 4.Inside the cavity you will find a paper-thin film of white tissue. Remove this. 5.Drop in a pinch of rock salt, place the opening to your lips, tip your head back and slurp up the broth. Delicious. 6.Widen the cavity by removing more bits of shell until you have enough exposed to be able to bite off a sizeable chunk of the balut. Don’t forget to sprinkle more rock salt. 7.Go on eating until you get to the bato (rock) or the hard white portion. Discard. 8.When you get to the bottom, there will be a little more broth left over. Drop in a minute pinch of salt and drink up.