Thursday, July 13, 2006

Boracay Island

So this is where I am.

It was quite a journey to get here. It started with an hour long ferry ride at 6:30AM, followed by a 5 hour drive, followed by a 10 minute boat ride (think wooden motorized outrigger canoes) then finally followed by a motorized tricycle ride (imagine motorcycles with covered sidecars). By the time we made it, it was 1:30PM. The gang was tired but happy to have finally made it. There's 8 of us. Myself and all my first cousins, my sister, an uncle and a girlfriend of one of my cousins - a good group.

The place is worth the trip; however if I had to do it again I would just fly straight from Manila - much faster! The side of the island that we landed on was calm and clear but the resort side was rough from the tail end of the storm beating up on Manila. So no open water swimming but some body surfing. Then it was beers on the beach after the swim with my cousin Ann. The rest of the gang were napping, tired from the journey - resting up for the evening. Ann is good company but next time I will have to ditch her, hard to talk to girls when they think you are with your girlfriend:) Afterward a couple of beers Ann and I got a massage on the beach. We happened on a great place, second floor patio of a restaurant. Got a good rubdown as the sun set, amid the ocean breezes and the sound of Reggae Dancehall from the bars below(think Shaggy). Sweet. The place is pretty nice. 4k of white sand beaches bordered by restaurants, bars, spas and hotels. Good during the day, pretty sweet at night.

Today I got up with every intention of getting a beach run in before breakfast but I got up late:) That's very Rick. So we ended up getting breakfast instead. Now we are going to walk it off by exploring the rest of the island. I resheduled my run for the early afternoon. I'm thinking Speedos, running shoes and nothing else...ahahaha I kid, I kid, okay surfing shorts. Lots of foreigners here so there are a few of them Speedos around:)


  1. -spamsi10:49 PM

    Ha, I should tell you the story of my bf when he took a plane from Manila to Borcay, pretty funny. Have fun out there!

  2. oh fun is all around. We should do that race in Phuket then hit Boracay.

  3. -spamsi9:43 AM

    That definitely sounds like a PLAN!