Saturday, July 15, 2006

Another Day in the Beach

I can see how this can get old after after a week, seriously. It's definetly beautiful, amazing and all those wonderful things but you're constantly going, maximizing the time you have since you're only here for a few days. It's a lot like Vegas, by the third or fourth day you're ready to go home. Although I think I could stay in this resort for at least a week maybe two but that's it:) Besides it gets expensive after awhile,it's cheap but it all adds up.

I think I'll forego the evening massage tonight, I think I'm tenderized enough! Besides it always leaves me tired afterwards. Last night after having drinks and listening to live music, three of us headed out for a late masage session - same place as the one the night before. I was stumbling after that one and no it wasn't the alcohol. But I was starving not having had dinner so I rallied the same two with me for a midnight meal. There we met up with my my uncle Bambi, my second cousin Bing and her friends and it became an even longer night. My cousin Bing and her friends love to travel. My uncle has traveled extensively in his youth. All of them last night talking about their adventures made me want to sell everything I had and go see the world. Always the case when this group is together. My mom is the same way.

Today was island hopping and snorkeling. A new friend came with us, Steve from Australia. He was on the bus ride over with my cousin Bing and her gang, they came in yesterday. Every time I think of Australia, meet Aussie's, I think of Triathlon and Chris McCormack. Them Aussie's are good.

Go Serena and the rest of the Donner Triathletes! Go Brian and VT100 runners, those guys are starting in an hour or two. I lost another nail today. Damn that WS race:)

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