Monday, July 10, 2006

Sweat Heat


Sweat, Hydrate and Cool Off.

After a couple of days I've stopped being shy. Now I just walk around with my shirt off most of the time - just like my uncle Hadji. The other day my cousin Shyla brought some of her friends over after church and there I was, unapologetically walking around like a sweaty gorilla (is there such a thing?) - ahahaha just like her dad. Hello! Don't mind me, just passing through. My sweat band visor which I brought for running has now become an essential accessory. I'm loving this heat though, something nice about it. Sure I'm sticky most of the time but my skin is no longer dry. Goodness gracious! Is that the television?!(my 88yr. old grandmother is still going strong but going deaf). Anyway maybe for my next hot race I should come here for my heat training, I could do without the stomach issues though:)


  1. -spamsi9:11 PM

    If you're interested, I'm thinking about doing a tri in Thailand in the future (Laguna Phuket). Maybe we can grab a whole gang of people to do it =)

  2. mmm...I've thought about that race myself. I saw some TV special on it. Wouldn't that be fun. I'd be interested.

  3. You look skinny like a stick!

  4. Won't be for long, they keep feeding me rice here!