Saturday, July 29, 2006

Looking Like a Cold Ride

What heat wave. Apparently I missed one while I was in the Philippines. I heard temperatures went up to the triple digits. Well it's been quite cool since I got back and the last two days somewhat cold and windy. It's looking cold out there now. I'm willing to bet money though that if I cross the Golden Gate there will be sun on the other side in Marin. Let's hope so. I hate riding in cold and foggy weather. Was supposed to ride with Spamsi and a couple of the Tri-club folks but the plans changed last minute. Cool, cool, ain't no thing but without a scheduled ride I tend to sleep in - like today. Now I have to go out and chase the day. Ah well I need the sleep anyway. Serena and I leave for Vineman early tomorrow morning, 5ish. She has to be at the start by 6:30AM and the drive will take a little over an hour. We might even have to leave earlier because the San Francisco Marathon is also on Sunday morning, pretty darn cool that's there's another big event happening. Since Runner's World took over management of the marathon things have gotten a little better with the race. Now all they have to do is offer prize money and the top pros will come. Anyway I'm looking forward to being at Vineman. Might be a race I'd like to do next year.

Well I gotta get moving. Thinking of bringing my camera just in case there really is sun on the other side of the bridge...been awhile since I posted some photos. Speaking of which I've got a 100 or so pictures from my trip that needs uploading. For those of you that have been waiting...they're still in a folder on my desktop.


  1. -spamsi1:28 PM

    Dooooood, so sorry again about the flake-o action! And yes, you did miss LOTS of really REALLY hot weather. Have fun tomorrow! Tell Serena I said good luck!

  2. Spams, ain't no thing. No worries. I'll pass on the well wishes to Serena.