Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Made It!

It never ceases to amaze me how we can be in totally different part of the world in a matter of hours. Everything went smoothly for the most part and now I'm here sitting in small room filled with chicken feed and in front of a slow 4yr. old Pentium 3 on dial up. About the chicken feed; a small part of the house has been converted into a storefront that sells the stuff, most of it specifically for cock fighting.

Got into Manila at midnight, spent the night with one of my cousins. The next day I met up with more family - lots of eating and more eating. I love Manila, there are many fun places to go and my cousins are great hosts. My cousin Rose who put us up arranged for a masseuse to come in the morning - pretty thoughtful of her huh:)However my time in the capital was shortlived, soon my sister and I were on our way to the airport for our 4PM flight to my home province. No matter I will spend 4 days in Manila on my way back to San Francisco.

It's stinking hot here and to make matters worse I forgot all my shorts in SF. For a person that spends 99.9% of his time in shorts this is a pretty major bonehead move. It's the rainy season here now and it gets really humid and warm right before it pours. So top of the list yesterday was shopping for a new pair of shorts.

Anyway it's time to scrounge up some coffee, in these parts it's instant but it's better than none. It's great to see the family and it's cool to be speaking my native language once again. It's coming back to me slowly and now that I got some sleep in me I'm definitely much more fluent compared to yesterday:)


  1. Anonymous5:42 PM

    Stock up on the Sanka! Glad to see you made it there safely.


  2. Hi, I stumbled across your site via Marshall's site ( ultrawalker) Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading some of your posts.

    I can only imagine what it must be like to run a hundred miles. Amazing!

  3. keep up the fun to see this part of the world thru your eyes!

  4. Spamsi, dunno about Sanka but Nescafe is really popular here. There are however tons of new independent coffee shops here, Starbucks imitations but better.

    You're welcome Steve. I'm glad you enjoyed reading about WS. It was a great experience.

    Jas, thanks for checking up. I'm definitely not in Kansas anymore. I'll try to upload pics later.