Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Wearing Myself Out...

...Before my race even starts. My good God, help me tune it all out so I can rest. Today I got up at 5:30AM, wide awake and ready to go. This race is special, I didn't think it would be but it's shaping out that way. I've never been so fresh, so well trained and so spiritually aligned leading into a race. Don't get me wrong, there's uncertainty as well. Will running shorter long runs but with more frequency and higher intensity lead me to a 100k finish? That's 62 miles and my long runs have all been at the 30's. We'll find out. It works for others, will it work for me? Can I keep myself from getting lost as I have done the last two years?

The last part of the equation, the spiritual part, came together for me last night. Not many people know this because I hardly write or talk about it but the spiritual part is the most critical part for me. If I'm not right there I won't be right anywhere. I'm ready, now if I can only get some sleep. On top of that today I lost my appetite. Wha!? Huh!? Rick lose his appetite, that never happens. Let me put it this way. When I was about 9 yrs. old, living in the Philippines, I got sick with Typhoid fever. Nasty illness that kept me sick for most of a year. A lot of kids got sick, most lost weight through treatment. Guess who gained weight:) My mom doesn't call me "pig" for nothing.

Keep it together Rick...just 3 more days.


  1. It's funny how shaky you I was last week. If anything is an omon, consider it a good one:) And get some sleep!

  2. squirt5:46 PM

    Hope you have a successful run while I'm out celebrating Ashley's birthday on the beach for the whole weekend =)
    Anywho, talk to you soon.