Monday, May 15, 2006

30 Miles on 3 Energy Gels...

So I heard from another ultra friend that a mutual friend of ours took off on a 30-mile run carrying nothing but 3 energy gels. Said runner hit all the water fountains for H20 and used the gels for food. This runner is pretty quick, I have no doubt he can go quite the distance on only 3 gels and water fountains. Dear crazy runner, please stop flirting with bonking and dehydration. Let your friends help you, help us help you.


  1. Squirt4:08 PM

    The day I hear you ever do this, Rick...I will slap you.
    Love, Squirt.
    P.S. Did I mention that I'd slap you really hard? =]

  2. It'll never happen, for one thing I don't run that fast. Second I bonk easily. When you've bonked once you never want to revisit that experience again.

  3. I just had a friend run a 50k on 3 gels and it was a lesson hard learned...don't try this at home!

  4. well, you forgot about the Mountain Dew and muffin at mile 20ish.....but still!!!! I love the H2O fountain carrying water!