Monday, May 08, 2006

One Big Day

I just spent the last 5 seconds screaming into cupped hands. This past weekend was one big day, a huge emotional rollercoaster. It started with my race on Saturday in Marin with the awesome ultra-marathon community and on to the last day of the big Triathlon race on Sunday in San Luis Obispo, cheering on Serena (Lombardi Tri-Team) and all my Golden Gate Tri Club family. Exhausting, Sleep Depriving, Ass-Kicking... Simply amazing. I had no time to think, just move and feel, move and feel...and now that it's back to the quiet refuge of my home office, the memories are all flooding in.

My God, I pulled it off! Need time to organize. Need more rest. Photos and stories to follow, gots some great ones for you guys.

P.S. Serena did very well although she doesn't think so, definitely an issue that will continually to be debated in the future:)

1 comment:

  1. Baby, YOU did it, help or not! You were totally awesome! Heck, you ARE! Very very happy for you:)