Monday, May 15, 2006

Another Amazing Day

The wind is blowin strong but it's a cloudless sunny sky. It's my day off but....the bike is calling. An easy spin for an hour and a half won't be so bad right? No pounding. I have to go to the post office and the bank at 5PM. If the fog doesn't roll in I'll be rollin'. Kills me to be inside on a nice day. I'll take my day off on Wednesday...hehehe I always have Wednesdays off anyway. Mondays and Wednesdays are my rest days.


  1. How about 90F? Honestly, not very amazing to me...obviously, I am never doing Badwater:)

  2. Squirt7:27 PM

    Wish I could say that I had Mondays and Wednesdays off, but I can't.
    At least for another week.
    Then, it's off to summer school WHOOOPPPEEEEE!!!...not! -_-
    Anyway, just wanted to drop by and say that your furry sausage friend is laying on his side fat, sleeping on the floor...he is cute though.
    Jealous? Yeah, you should be 'cause he's just that awesome. Too bad he doesn't miss you. =P

  3. I will never do Badwater! I hate asphalt and I hate heat.

    Well Squirt I do miss your dog. You know that's the only reason why I visit the family in Orlando.

  4. Rolfing absolutely has to be done in 10 sessions - they work on different parts of the body, aligning them in order one by one. No escape.
    As for badwater - I never planned on it either, but lately people kept nagging me of "ultimate challenge" and "look, jurek did it and loved it", so I thought after I run all the 100s I totally want right now, I'll squeeze it in...but may be not. Heat, asphalt, and no scenery - only pure suffering. I am bad, but not THAT masochistic! And nobody can proove me dunes and desert are cute - may be for 15 min, then it's all the same. i've been to death valley 3 times, even ran there and took a picture at the start (back in marathoning days when it was on to do list), but i don't think i go back unless i am dragged into it. not to mention expenses for this race!!!